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AIP - Foundations of Inquiry

Graduate Program - AIP

Title: Foundations of Inquiry            

Credits: 3

Term: 2014 Class - 1st Summer

Onsite Class is June 9th - 13th

Actual semester is May 20 - August 9, 2014

Class Dates at Denver Zoo:

June 9th - June 13th. 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Course Description: This course will provideparticipants with the tools needed to make science a fun, enjoyable learning experience while further increasing competence and confidence in science. The course will include pre- and post-inquiry assessment tools, individual inquiry investigations, interdisciplinary learning and inquiry techniques, and critical thinking skills. Participants will carry out and evaluate their own original inquiry investigations.


Conduct inquiry in small groups and hone skills of observation.
Gain tools on how to assess knowledge before and after inquiry.
Develop opportunities for scaffolding of the different uses and applications of inquiry.

Conduct an inquiry with sound experimental design to promote critical thinking
Discuss how to integrate interdisciplinary collaborations in science, math, literacy, and the arts.
Facilitate all steps of the scientific method and inquiry process.

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