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AIP - Graduate Research: Field Methods

Graduate Program - AIP

Title: Graduate Reserch - Field Methods

Term: Spring 2018

In Class days: February 24th & April 7th

9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.

Course Description: This course provides students with an overview of biological and social field based research conducted in zoological, reserve, aquaria and other ex situ settings as well as in situ environments.

Students will gain proficiency in applying field methods to ecological questions and conservation practice and explore the multi-disciplinary nature of science, and hands-on conservation research. A premise of this course is that field methods are not only essential for ecological research, they can serve as the basis for participatory education, public engagement in science, and community-based environmental stewardship.

Field methods point sampling, capture/recapture, quadrat studies, pitfall traps, line transects, ethology, and others--are fundamental tools that allow investigators of all backgrounds to generate knowledge needed to become better informed environmental citizens.

Students will become familiar with a range of field methods and contribute to on-going research in their communities.

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