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AIP - Environmental Stewardship: Impact of Environmental and Informal Education

Course: Impact of Environmental and Informal Education

Credits: 3

Cost: $145 per credit ($435)

Saturday dates at Zoo: Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3 (9AM-4PM)

 Course Description:

Course Description: Participants will explore strategies in environmental education (EE) programs that not only achieve educational goals, but also to result in positive environmental impacts, such as improved water quality or habitat restoration. This course will explore multiple outcomes of EE, including changes in program participants as well as changes in environmental quality. Course participants will also delve into various methods for measuring the impact of EE and engage in readings and discussions about Environmental Education theory and research on its impacts. Putting their new knowledge to work, participants will create an EE program that they will deliver to selected audiences, and will then measure the impact of the program targeting intended outcomes and desired environmental impacts.


-Curricular development and educational leadership

-Inquiry-based learning

-The importance of education for conservation projects

-Strategies for engaging students in local and/or global conservation action

-Explore potential impact of environmental education

AIP - Global Biomes: Denver Zoo Conservation Regions of Focus

Graduate Program - AIP

Course: Global Biomes: Denver Zoo Conservation Regions of Focus    

Credits: 3

Cost: $145 per credit ($435)

Saturday dates at Zoo: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 3 (9AM - 4PM)

Course Description: Introduction to the biomes, species and cultures, connected with Denver Zoo's conservation projects. Students will gain insights into Denver Zoo's conservation areas of focus and learn what makes these areas biologically unique. Participants will also engage in discussions about the political, economic and cultural climates of these areas and how these factors shape and determine Denver Zoo's conservation strategies. Particpants will examine and discuss the long-term impacts that Denver Zoo strives to achieve in these areas.


- Investigate climate patterns and plant/animal adaptations characteristic of different biomes.

- Use wildlife on zoo grounds to investigate wildlife of the biomes on zoo grounds.

- Explore current research and conservation issues relevant to different biomes.

- Learn about current community-based conservation solutions that address relationships between local people and the environment.

AIP - Master Plan Evaluation and Sustainability

Graduate Program - AIP

Course: Master Plan Evaluation and Sustainability    

Credits: 2

Cost: $145 per credit ($290)

Saturday dates at Zoo: Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 19 (9AM - 4PM)

ROADMAP: Reaching Our Audiences by Developing Mission Aligned Programs

Denver Zoo developed the ROADMAP (Reaching Our Audiences by Developing Mission Aligned Programs) to strengthen engagement and increase impact with guests.  The training includes exploration of: a Guest Interaction Guide, with age-appropriate tools for creating connections with guests; Program Content Standards that help focus program content; and a Program Design template, to help all program developers follow an outcomes-based process to guide the development of their programs. Through this highly interactive workshop you will discover how you can apply ROADMAP at your zoo or aquarium to better engage guests in your mission!

Open to AZA Zoo and Aquarium Educators and related staff.

Dates and Times:

Monday July 25 9:00am - 4:00pm AND Tuesday July 26 9:00am - 1:00pm

Fee:  $150 per person

Price includes lunch both days, zoo exploration and attractions and all workshop materials.

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