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Group Bunk - Rainforest Wonders

Have a sleepover at Denver Zoo at a Bunk with the Beasts adventure! Group Bunks are designed with activities, tours and night vision. In this bunk you will investigate the layers of the Rainforest, as you travel from the forest floor up through the canopy. Learn about the amazing animals that inhabit dense tropical jungles, the interconnection of species, and how important conservation efforts are to these beautiful but fragile environments.

*Bunk geared toward 4th through 6th grade students.Bunk supports Colorado Academic Science Standard 2.3 for 4th grade and 2.2 for 6th grade. Program doesn't adhere to 5th grade standard.

Child: $55 per child

Adult Chaperone: $55 per adult (One adult per 10 children is free)

Important information:

  • Children must be 5+ to attend bunk
  • This bunk does not include dinner or evening snack, but will include breakfast.
  • Registered participants are free to explore the zoo on your own after the Bunk ends.
  • Please note: in order for this program to run, we must have a minimum of 20 total participants registered.
  • You will be contacted after registration to collect your $100 non-refundable deposit. The deposit must be paid within 48 hours to officially hold your date, or all spots will be released.

Thursday, November 07, 2019 - 6:30 PM - 75 Remaining
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